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    Española saddle suede leather covered.

    Suede leather color

    Saddle manufactured according the original concept of the classic Spanish riding. Its design has remained the same over the centuries (there is illustrated information dating back to 1860, so presumably originated before that date)

    • Saddle tree: Thermoformable.
    • Leather: Vegetal tanned butts 3,5 mm suede leather covered.
    • Panels:  Wool-polyester.
    • Underneath panels: Canvas or leather (optional)
    • Flaps: Outside knee pad.
    • Girth straps: Crhome leather prestretched. Short 31 cm.
    • Seat saddle: Inside two sponges, one with an opened pore and the other with a closed pore.
    • Stirrup bars: Traditional (optional English)
    • Girth: All purpose girth from 110 to 140 cm.
    • Weight (approx.): 8,90 kg.

    Maintenance of leather parts:
    1.Use a leather cleaner (step 1) to remove traces of sweat, mud, etc. Enrich and nourish the leather with a leather conditioner (step 2). Apply both products with a sponge for better absorption and a perfect finish.

    2. Apply glycerin bar: in thick leather is convenient to use. When the leather is dry, is very effective leather oil (avoid excess product that will not stain clothes).

    Maintenance of suede leather parts: brush them with a strong bristle brush (avoid applying products that are not specific to this material can cause damage).