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    A luxury potrera saddle, beautiful and reliable. Details like the saddle seat decor or cortezia banding make this product special.

    Suede leather color

    This saddle, which has a similiar style to the Potrera Leather Saddle, incorporates a deep seat and the splendor of the suede leather and ornamented seat. The seams color make contrast with the bright ones of the suede leather.

    • Saddle tree: Thermoformable.
    • Leather: Vegetal tanned butts 3,5 mm suede leather covered.
    • Panels: Wool-polyester.
    • Underneath panels: Leather.
    • Flaps: Soft quilted knee pad.
    • Girth straps: Chrome leather prestretched. Long 65cm.
    • Seat saddle: Deep seat. Inside two sponges, one with an opened pore and the other with a closed one.
    • Stirrup bars: Traditional stirrup bars.
    • Weight (approx.): 8,90kg.
    • Girth: Dressage girth from 50 to 85 cm.

    Maintenance of leather parts:
    1.Use a leather cleaner (step 1) to remove traces of sweat, mud, etc. Enrich and nourish the leather with a leather conditioner (step 2). Apply both products with a sponge for better absorption and a perfect finish.

    2. Apply glycerin bar: in thick leather is convenient to use. When the leather is dry, is very effective leather oil (avoid excess product that will not stain clothes).

    Maintenance of suede leather parts: brush them with a strong bristle brush (avoid applying products that are not specific to this material can cause damage).