XpandGirth SLIM (from 60 cm)

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    *Specify the measure of the girth you normally use. We'll manufacture your girth with this measure, and you'll can adjust this measure 10 cm under (if you use a girth of 60, we'll send you a XpandGirth size 50-55-60).

    Tips for choosing protector: 

    · Sheepskin protector: very soft both medical and natural. Medical protector is treated to prevent skin reactions of the horse, as the appearance of sores.

    · Neoprene and elastotex protectors: easy to clean, very commonly used in endurance.

    · Leather protector: for lovers of the traditional feel of leather, gives to the girth a more elegant presence.

    · Protector 3D Net: is an innovative material super breathable, easy washing and fast drying, antibacterial and very resistant.


    The medical sheepsdkin, neoprene, elastotex or 3D Net protector can be washed by hand or machine, on a delicate cycle, with a maximum temperature of 30 °C.

    Natural sheepskin protector is recommended to wash by hand and use a special detergent for sheepskins.

    Do not use bleach.

    Do not iron.